have you ever read something that killed you inside? like a text message or someone’s status. everything was going fine until you accidentally came across something you didn’t want to read. or you found out something you were better off not knowing. it’s almost as if it was posted just to purposely hurt you. but you constantly read it over and over again to torture yourself. 

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i wanna meet the male version of me 

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"I spent a lot of time wondering if it would matter if I died."
"In the macro sense, no. You’re one cheerio in the bulk box full of life. But you fucking tickle me, so I think it would matter." 

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A windows phone could literally predict the future and I would still want an iPhone

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its hard to be attractive when youre not

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yo but this says so much about rape when a woman would literally rather be around a murderer than a rapist

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tbh if i was on that stadium i’d invade the pitch simply to remove that stupid headband from bale’s hair


Introducing the team of Manchester United: #3 Luke Shaw. Defender.

Info: Born July 12, 1995 in Kingston–upon–Thames, Surrey, United Kingdom. He arrived at Manchester United from Southampton June 27, 2014. He hasn’t had his Manchester United debut yet because of injury. He plays for the english national team.

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De Gea went from being a tall lanky kid to a real power house now. No one dares challenge him in the box anymore the way they did when he first arrived in England

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