But I love the football that brings people together across religious divides, geographic divides, political divides. I love the fact that for ninety minutes in a rectangular piece of grass, people can forget, hopefully, whatever might be going on in their life and rejoice in this communal celebration of humanity. The biggest diverse, invasive or pervasive culture that human kind knows is football and I love the fact that, at the altar of football, human kind can come worship and celebrate. x

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“I don’t like those guys.”
— Greivis Vasquez voicing all of our opinions on the Brooklyn Nets. (via vincecarters)


baleronaldo asked:

Your three favourite pictures of Morata


These were the ones that would actually upload to tumblr, because there’s two pictures that are actually my favourites.. -_-

Send me a footballer and I choose the best 3 pictures about him!



is “????????????????????” an emotion


ask javi

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A comprehensive list as to why David Moyes should be sacked:

  1. Seventh place finish in the league
  2. Everything on this delightful graphic over here.
  3. Saying that United should “aspire” to be like City
  4. Losing to City and Liverpool home and away in the same season for the first time ever.
  5. Forcing…

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my football club = the source of either my happiness or my depression.

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My friends and I at the dances.


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